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Video interview with the Belfast Telegraph for the UK cinema release of Taking Stock

Taking Stock was in the
'Popular on Netflix section'

Daily Mirror does
round up on Taking Stock cinema release

Sunday Times Ireland
article on winning President's Award at the Sochi Film Festival in Russia

announce cinema release

"Slap stick, Indie hit and festival award winner"

Taking Stock chosen as Staff Pick Popular Independent on
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Irish Sunday Times

IndieWire Interview

The Sun

Daily Mail

Sumeet Grover Huffington Post
"Beautifully directed with attractive performances notably by Kelly Brook and Scot Williams"

Film Review Huffington Post

Rich Cline Shadows on the Wall -
Film Review
"A Playful approach, the cast is thoroughly enjoyable, superb use of
locations... London Caper comedies are rarely this warm, sunny and unapologetically silly." ***

"About unemployment... Beautifully directed by Murphy with attractive performances notably by Kelly Brook and Scot Williams..with a money chasing scene on the streets of London never seen before. Funny and romantic."
Huffington Post Sumeet Grover

"Taking Stock is first and foremost a comedy and a charming one at that.
Kelly Brook is something of a revelation. Perhaps Brook has found her perfect match in Director Murphy who utilizes the more well known facets of Brooks previous film personas and neatly subverts them allowing Brook the sheer giddy fun of being playful and vulnerable..Scot Williams is superb. Refreshingly different."
Chris Watt Watch This Space Film Magazine Review

“Enjoyable light hearted comedy drama..well structured script from Maeve Murphy flows as effortlessly as the River Thames on a hot summer week end. Definitely a film worth 75 mins of your time.“
**** Spencer Peet, MYM Film Magazine Review

"Goofy caper comedy, a playful approach, Brook is a likeable presence and the cast is thoroughly enjoyable, superb use of locations...Scot Williams is enjoyable, rarely are London caper comedies this warm, sunny and unapologetically silly."
Rich Cline Shadows on The Wall***

"Talented writer-director Maeve's fluffy sunny fare shot in breezy London locales."
Mark Kermode The Observer

"From award winning film director Maeve Murphy a larky comedy caper... some divertingly surreal touches, nice exterior locations in Kings Cross: a nod to the Ealing Classic The Ladykillers.”
Peter Bradshaw The Guardian.

“Brilliant film, Kelly Brook is pretty’s very funny. You should definitely see this film.”
Samantha Baines, on Baines Plus One, Radio Hoxton: Time Out Blogger of the year 2015

“Gentle very British sense of humour, makes a welcome change...she’s (Brooks) got real screen presence similar to Marilyn Monroe. She is a very physical actress with a great knack for comedy...Murphy harnesses Brooks bubbly personality to full affect throughout the feature.”
Jim Mc Clean Banterflix ***

“Enjoyably cartoonish while the talk of redundancy, unemployment and benefit sanctions helps ground it in some sense of economic reality. Brooks performance is likeable and cheery. ”
Conor Smyth Belfast Film ***

“Light and breezy fun. Nicely shot, bubbly charm...farcical caper.”
Ryan Pollard Top Ten Films. ***

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Hollywood Reporter Article

"It's so important that we continue to support British film making, and Maeve has the written of the best scripts I've read in a long time." Kelly Brook in the Hollywood Reporter

Screen Daily Article


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